Today marks World Chocolate Day celebrating one of the most beloved foods in the world. Chocolate has been enjoyed by people as far back as 1900BC, when fermented beverages were made from it. It didn’t spread to Europe until the sixteenth century, however despite this late start its popularity has grown so much that around half of the chocolate consumed in the world is eaten by Europeans.  There have been many claims to the therapeutic benefits of eating chocolate due to it containing chemicals which can relax you; however as with all good things it should be enjoyed in moderation. 


Westminster Abbey Chocolate Bars

Here at Westminster Abbey we stock many sweet treats for chocolate fans including our special Westminster Abbey chocolate bars, which are made by a UK based company called Hames Chocolates Ltd. The chocolate bars are made by their team of artisan chocolatiers in Lincolnshire. Molten milk chocolate is poured into chocolate bar moulds, once the chocolate has set the chocolate is demoulded and the smooth chunky milk chocolate bars are wrapped in gold foil and packed into a beautiful foil printed box. The box design was inspired by the fan vaulted ceiling of the Henry VII Lady Chapel which is one the Abbey’s most distinctive architectural features. 

Hames Chocolate Factory

Hames Chocolates started in 1972 as a family business, although it didn’t originally specialise in chocolate. They have created lots of wonderful confectionery over the years including boiled sugar sweets; however in 2005 they started a special chocolate factory. Their factory in Lincolnshire is still being developed to this day so that they can create the best chocolate possible. All their milk chocolate is ethically and sustainably sourced to ensure that the cocoa farmers receive a fair price for their cocoa beans and that they are supported to help them grow more and better quality beans. 

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