As Westminster Abbey is a Royal Peculiar (a church which answers directly to the Queen) we thought we would explore a regal theme to our Christmas decorations this year. If you would also like to make your home feel like a palace this year, then keep reading for our two different versions of a Royal Christmas tree. 

Our first version of this theme makes the most of corgis and crown jewels to pay homage to the present day monarchy. We have included our selection of crown decorations which have ‘Westminster Abbey’ stitched on them in gold thread; perfect for any regal tree as we are the Coronation church. We have also included our beautiful gold orb decorations which are inspired by the orb of the Crown jewels. The tree has been finished with our adorable corgi decorations, inspired by the beloved pets that Her Majesty the Queen has kept since she was a child. 

Crown Jewels and Corgis Tree

Our second theme is based on historical monarchs, which exploress the long tradition of the crown in England. We have included William the Conqueror, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and a young Queen Elizabeth II on our tree. All of these monarchs have their own special connections to the Abbey: for example William the Conqueror was the first recorded monarch to be crowned here on Christmas Day of 1066. 

Historical Monarchs Tree

To create both of these decorative themes we have used decorations supplied to us by a company called St Nicolas.  Each decoration is handmade, but what makes them even more special is that this company works alongside a small Christian charity in Thailand which helps disadvantaged rural women find work in their community. Buying these decorations helps these women secure their future without having to leave their communities which we feel is wonderfully in keeping with the spirit of giving at Christmas. You can see more of our selection of these lovely Christmas decorations by clicking here.