11th June will mark Her Majesty the Queen’s official birthday; as such we have chosen The Queen at 90: A Royal Birthday Souvenir written by Gill Knappett as our book of the month. Our Queen has reigned over the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth for over sixty years, which means she has already reached the milestone of being Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. On 21st April 2016 she reached an important personal milestone by turning ninety.


The Queen at 90 Front Cover

This book aims to commemorate all of the Queen’s ninety years as a monarch and also as a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. It is beautifully illustrated with photographs of the Queen’s life from her birth through to the present day. Taking the reader through each decade it explains key events in her life such as the Second World War, her marriage and her coronation. 

The Queen at 90 Inside View

My favourite sections of the book are those devoted to the Queen’s early life before she became monarch. So much of what I have read about the Queen has centred on her life as a Queen or the lives of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that I found it of great interest to learn about her formative years before she became a Head of State. The book gives you a sense of the Queen as a fully rounded person who is subject to the same family dynamics as anyone else. I enjoyed learning that whilst the Princess Elizabeth was growing up in a house in Piccadilly, not far from Buckingham Palace, she and her grandfather King George V would use telescopes so they could wave at each other across Green Park.

We hope that you too will enjoy this book; it really is the perfect souvenir of the Queen’s 90th birthday and belongs on any royalist’s book shelf.