When you type the word gifts into Google one of the top autocomplete suggestions is gifts for men. Every Christmas people have the same struggle to find the perfect present for the men in their lives (if not perfect then at least something they might use!).  To help with this problem we have compiled our ideas for the best gifts for men this year.


Google Search Gifts

When looking for men’s gifts the focus seems to be on buying something practical; however practicality should not mean that something cannot look appealing as well. As such our first gift idea is this lovely leather strap mechanical watch which is inspired by the clock on the northwest tower of Westminster Abbey.  The watch contains an impressive mechanical movement, which can be seen through the open back of the watch, so it is perfect for any man who enjoys knowing how things are engineered. 


Hawksmoor Mechanical Watch


If you are looking for something unique that you can be sure that they don’t already own then we have a wonderful selection of gifts which are exclusive to and inspired by Westminster Abbey. We have a collection of tie and cufflinks set like the one below, which uses a design taken from the enamel work of the Westminster Retable. We also have cufflink sets sold separately like this pair which are inspired by the fleur de lys carvings in Henry VII’s Lady Chapel. The cufflinks are in solid silver and are handmade in the UK especially for Westminster Abbey. 

Men's Gifts

If you are on a lower budget or are just looking for stocking fillers then we have a full selection of gifts for under £10. If you are looking for a unique and environmentally friendly option then we have this beautiful recycled leather travelcard holder in our new Westminster Abbey Collage design. For any glasses wearers we have a stained glass glasses case which comes with a matching microfibre lens cloth. Finally we have a selection of mugs in either earthenware or china like this architectural one inspired by an engraving and floor plan of Westminster Abbey. 

Stocking Fillers for Men

If you need further inspiration, you can view many more gift ideas by clicking here