Christmas can be overwhelming for children as there are so many presents to open and toys to play with. When buying a present for them it can be hard to know exactly what to get when there are so many different trends and technology available.   In our opinion, the best approach is to go back to basics and buy classic toys which have been loved for generations. For example, we have our range of beautiful plush cuddly toys including corgis and teddy bears which no child can resist with their soft fur and sweet faces. 

Cuddly Toys

If you are looking for something which will be educational as well as fun, then we have a wonderful children’s watch which is perfect for teaching a child to tell the time. With a ‘London Icons’ themed rubber strap and plastic bezel it is wipe-clean and durable so it can be worn every day. The face of the watch has clear numbers showing both the hours and minutes; it also has three hands so a child can count the seconds as well. 

Buying Christmas presents for young babies can be difficult, as finding a toy that is safe for them or that they will really appreciate as they are still so young is a challenge. As such it can be better (and more helpful to the parents) to buy clothing instead so they are stocked up no matter how many changes they have to make in a day. We have a range of royal guard print baby grows and fun London red bus designs which are perfect for boys or girls!


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