Some people feel that Father’s Day does not have the same long standing tradition as Mother’s Day, and is somewhat commercial in its origins. This is not the case, however, as despite Father’s Day only gaining international prominence in the last hundred years it is thought by scholars that the celebration may go back to Babylonian times. 

The day as we know it now, though, had its first celebration in the United States in 1908 shortly after the first time Mother’s Day was celebrated there. It took place in a town in West Virginia, where a recent local tragedy had occurred with 360 men dying in a mining accident leaving many families without a father. One member of the local church’s congregation decided that in light of this there was a need to have a day to also honour fathers.

This did not take off on an international or even national scale and it was not until the work of Sonora Smart Dodd that another Father’s Day was held anywhere in the USA. She was raised by a single father after her mother died in childbirth and, inspired by Mother’s Day, wanted a day to honour him. This Father’s Day was held on 19th June 1910, and despite initial trepidation the idea spread across the country.  The celebration of Father’s Day in the UK was also inspired by the American custom, and the idea spread internationally.

It is not just within the USA and UK that Father’s Day is held, with many countries celebrating this special day as well. However it is celebrated at differing times of year depending on where you are in the world. Different countries also have different ways of observing it; for example Brazil holds it in August and honours St Joachim, the father of Mary.

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