Our book of the month for April is For the Love of the Royal Family: A Companion by Roger Bryan. We have chosen this fascinating book as it filled with intriguing facts that will interest royalists and non-royalists alike.  

The book has been written by Roger Bryan who has had many brushes with the monarchy in his long career as a journalist. You can feel his genuine love for the royal family come through in this wonderful book: from his introduction where he tells of creating a scrapbook for the Queen’s coronation at age six, to his light-hearted asides which provide little known facts throughout the book. 

For the Love of the Royal Family: A Companion

The book is part of a series released by Summersdale which provides companions to many other topics including a look at London and some classic British institutions like BBC Radio Four. The book provides a brief history of all the monarchs from the reign of Egbert, King of Wessex to the monarchy of the present day. The book relates the key facts about each monarch in a short biography, but it also goes beyond this to provide fun trivia, little-known facts and memorable quotations.


It is difficult to come away from reading this book without learning something new as it provides so many little known facts, such as -  

  • William IV was wont to speak his mind and could sometimes lack tact, which is said to have inspired the nickname ‘Silly Billy’.
  • Edward III banned all sports, including football, on Sundays, so that his subjects could be free to concentrate solely on their archery.
  • Coronation chicken was invented for foreign guests to enjoy at Elizabeth II’s coronation.
  • The three lions that appear on the Royal Arms of England and the England football team’s shirt refer to the three lions which were given as a gift by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. They lived in a zoo that was established in the Tower of London towards the end of the reign of King John.


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