As the end of December approaches people often find themselves looking back on the year that has just gone; it is a time to make resolutions for the coming year but also to appreciate the wonderful memories you have created in this one. In that spirit we are looking back at our product highlights of 2016 including the new Abbey inspired ranges that we launched in the last year. 

In January we took inspiration from stained glass with our mini range inspired by a collection of stained glass which sits in the cloisters. Not only was this glass beautiful with its striking shades of blue, red and yellow, it also had a unique story behind it that we wanted to share. The windows in the cloisters were formed from the remains of glass from windows which were damaged during the blitz. As the windows contain a collection of fragments from other windows they were set into an abstract pattern by Goddard and Gibbs in the 1950s.


Cloisters Stained Glass Range

Our celebration of stained glass continued into February with the launch of one of our favourite products of this year – our Poets’ Corner Silk Scarf. The scarf design is taken from the modern stained glass window above Geoffrey Chaucer’s tomb in Poets’ Corner. The beautiful colour combinations of the vivid blues and greens have made this product a best seller this year and a staff favourite.  

Poets' Corner Stained Glass Window Scarf

As we came into the summer months we wanted to create an Abbey-inspired ladies range which brought to life attractive feminine details and flourishes. In order to create something beautiful and unique we worked with Devonshire artist Rah Rivers to create our ‘floral Abbey’ range (read more about working with Rah in this blog). We launched this range in July with a small range of products, which has continued to expand.  Customers are drawn to the soft floral elements and the religious symbols within the design. 

Floral Abbey Range

As we came into autumn we again wanted to work with an artist to create a range that provided a new representation of Westminster Abbey in all its glory. With the help of mixed media artist Rob Wilson, we were able to create our ‘Westminster Abbey Collage’ range based on an amazing original painting of the Abbey and its surroundings (find out more about this painting and the range in this blog). This range only reached the shop floor in October and is still expanding but it has already become a firm staff favourite. We love the mix of orange and blue and think that the small details hidden in the collage elements of the painting make the design like a mini Westminster Abbey scavenger hunt. 

Westminster Abbey Collage Range

Please share your comments below to tell us your favourite products from this year!