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  1. Poets Corner: Jane Austen

    Born some 242 years ago in 1775, December 16th marks the birthday of cherished novelist Jane Austen.

    Known around the world for her six major novels, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, Austen’s writing is a triumph of clever wit and sparkling dialogue. Famous for her subtle humour, biting irony and her realistic perception of the society in which she lived, Austen was quite unlike anyone else of her time.

    Although her resting place is in Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire, Austen was memorialised here at Westminster Abbey on 17 December 1967, with a polished roman stone tablet provided by the Jane Austen Society and placed in Poets Corner, adjacent to Shakespeare’s memorial.

    Jane Austen passed away at the age of only 41, in 1817. Today, Read more »

  2. Christmas Gift Guide

    Now December has arrived, it is time to start thinking about what to buy your loved ones for Christmas. To help people with this task we have put together our Christmas gift guide with our top suggestions for the perfect present this year!

    For those looking for a gift for the special people in their life, we have a wonderful selection of luxury gifts. From jewellery to hand painted chess sets, our collection of...

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