Monthly Archives: June 2017

  1. Recommended Summer Reading

    With the UK summer school holidays arriving soon, we know that many of you will be planning your next trip away, whether that is halfway around the world or just across the country. As such we have put together our recommendations for some holiday reads to enjoy by the pool including fiction, non-fiction and children’s titles. 

    The Picture of Dorian Gray

    If you enjoy reading about the lives of the young, rich and beautiful then you are sure to enjoy The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Wilde takes you through the...

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  2. Product Inspiration

    ‘Rose window’ is an architectural term used to describe a circular window; however, it is often applied more specifically to windows found within Gothic style churches which are divided into segments by stonework or tracery. 

    North Rose Window

    North Rose Window

    Westminster Abbey is home to two spectacular rose windows, one above the north transept and one above the south transept. The north rose window is the older of the two, having been installed in 1722 following alteration of the stone work. Both of these windows have survived the bombing of the Second World War partly because of being boarded over for protection. Although both of...

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  3. The Chair of Kings and Queens

    The Coronation Chair is one of the most anticipated sights for any visitor to Westminster Abbey, because of the role it has played in some of the most important parts of British history. Although it is looking somewhat tired after over 700 years, the wear and tear it has suffered are all part of the history of this important object.

    The coronation chair was made following an order from Edward I in around 1300, as he wished to have something to enclose the Stone of Scone (also known as the Stone of Destiny). The stone, which was used by the Scottish kings in their inauguration ceremonies, was stolen by Edward in 1296 and placed in the care of the Abbot of Westminster. 

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  4. Product Inspiration

    The High Altar at Westminster Abbey is so richly detailed and decorated that it has provided the inspiration for a varied selection of products within the shop. This part of the church, like much of the Abbey, has changed a lot over the centuries and was still evolving up until the late 1960s. 

    Present Day High Altar

    Present Day High Altar

    The High Altar and the detailed screen which sits there form one side of the sanctuary, or sacrarium as it is known at Westminster Abbey, which is the holiest part of the church because the Eucharist is performed there. In Westminster Abbey this part of the church also holds special significance as this is where the...

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  5. Book of the Month

    Our book of the month for June is God with Us written by the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. The book was released earlier this year and is one of many books that Rowan Williams has written on the subject of God and Christianity. 

    God with Us

    In this book Williams provides an introduction to the foundation story of the Christian faith, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He looks at the cross and examines what it represents to Christians by going through the meaning of it as a sign, as a sacrifice and as a victory. He then takes a look at the meaning of...

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