Monthly Archives: February 2017

  1. Product Inspiration: Lantern Crossing Ceiling

    One of the latest additions to our online shop is a beautiful collection of jewellery inspired by the painted ceiling of the lantern crossing, which includes a necklace, earrings and cufflinks. The jewellery is made from gold plated silver, silver and enamel with a yellow topaz set into the centre of the cross design. 

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  2. CD of the Month - Finzi, Bax and Ireland: Choral Music

    Our CD of the month for February is Finzi, Bax and Ireland: Choral Music, the latest recording from the Westminster Abbey Choir. The CD showcases a collection of choral music from three of the great composers of the early twentieth century, John Ireland, Arnold Bax and Gerald Finzi. The recording took place inside Westminster Abbey during February 2016, with James O’Donnell conducting and Daniel Cook playing the organ. 

    Finzi, Bax and Ireland CD


    The three composers were all composing during a...

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  3. Sapphire Jubilee of the Accession of Queen Elizabeth II

    Accession is when a new sovereign takes the throne following the death of the preceding monarch. This happens immediately after the previous King or Queen has died, as opposed to a Coronation ceremony which requires months of planning before it can take place. Despite not being officially crowned, it is at the point of accession that the new monarch becomes King or Queen of their country.  In Great Britain the accession of the new monarch is proclaimed as soon as possible at an Accession Council which is held at St James’s Palace; this council includes all the members of the Privy Council. 

    Queen's Coronation

    At the beginning of this week, on...

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  4. Book of the Month

    Our book of the month for February is the classic Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.  This book is one of the many titles specially selected for the shop by our Canon Theologian, due to its wonderful insights into the Christian faith. 

    CS Lewis Memorial Stone

    C.S. Lewis is known as one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, best known for the classic ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ series which has been subject to many TV and film adaptations. His writing earned him the...

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