Monthly Archives: January 2017

  1. Gardening Advice from Westminster Abbey

    The trees may be bare and your gardens lacking in colour but this is the perfect time of year to plan your planting for the coming year. We have started stocking a variety of seeds which have been selected by Westminster Abbey’s Head Gardener, Jan Pancheri. To help you get the best out of these seeds we have asked her to give her top tips along with some insight into what goes into maintaining the Abbey’s beautiful College Garden. 

    Westminster Abbey College Garden

    The types of plants we grow here tend to be ones that don’t need much water, as we have very well-drained soil. The only way we can keep the...

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  2. Book of the Month - Kings and Queens: National Portrait Gallery

    Our book of the month for January is Kings and Queens from the National Portrait Gallery. The book explores the monarchy of England from Alfred the Great up to our reigning monarch Elizabeth II, providing a biography for each of them. 

    The book was written by David Williamson in 1998 and has since been revised and updated several times to include the latest additions to the royal family. David Williamson was a well-respected genealogist who spent much of his life researching the various bloodlines of the English and European monarchies. Aside from his scholarly research he used his expert knowledge to write and edit for Burke’s Peerage and Debrett’s, co-editing Debrett’s Peerage and...

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  3. CD of the Month: Rejoice, the Lord is King!

    Our CD of the month for January is Rejoice, the Lord is King! by the Westminster Abbey Choir. It was recorded inside Westminster Abbey in January 2013 with James O’Donnell conducting and Robert Quinney playing the organ. Unlike other CDs that have been recorded by the Westminster Abbey Choir this one does not follow the format of a special service and instead is a collection of classic hymns.

    Rejoice the Lord is King CD Cover

    Hymns are a type of song which has been written to praise something or for the purpose of...

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  4. Epiphany

    Today is the Christian feast day of Epiphany, marking the end of the twelve days of Christmas. In Western Christianity this occasion is used to celebrate one of the key parts of the story of Christ’s birth, the visiting of the Magi, or kings as they are better known. This is seen as God’s manifestation of himself, through Jesus Christ, to the Gentiles. The magi were first referred to as ‘wise men from the east’ although tradition later determined there to be three of them and gave their names as Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar. In Eastern Christianity the feast of Epiphany is also used to celebrate the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist, when the heavens were opened and a voice from heaven declared Jesus to be God’s beloved Son.

    The scene of the adoration of the Magi has been depicted in many forms by artists across the centuries as you can see...

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