Monthly Archives: December 2016

  1. The Best of 2016

    As the end of December approaches people often find themselves looking back on the year that has just gone; it is a time to make resolutions for the coming year but also to appreciate the wonderful memories you have created in this one. In that spirit we are looking back at our product highlights of 2016 including the new Abbey inspired ranges that we launched in the last year. 

    In January we took inspiration from stained glass with our mini range inspired by a collection of stained glass which sits in the cloisters. Not only was this glass beautiful with its striking shades of blue, red and yellow, it also had a unique story behind it that we wanted to share. The windows in the cloisters were formed from the remains of glass from windows which were damaged during...

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  2. Christmas at Westminster Abbey

    As we approach this special time in the Christian calendar, we thought we would share some of the Christmas traditions at Westminster Abbey. 

    During the Abbey’s monastic period, before the dissolution of the monasteries, the monks would celebrate Christmas with a festal feast which would have consisted of Pike with cinnamon and ginger sauce. Other dishes that they would have enjoyed at this time included conger eel with vinegar dressing, salmon, venison, teal, snipe and even swan. The monks would give out gifts of meat and bread to the poor at Christmas, usually from the Almonry which is the entrance from Dean’s Yard. 

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  3. A Royal Christmas Tree

    As Westminster Abbey is a Royal Peculiar (a church which answers directly to the Queen) we thought we would explore a regal theme to our Christmas decorations this year. If you would also like to make your home feel like a palace this year, then keep reading for our two different versions of a Royal Christmas tree. 

    Our first version of this theme makes the most of corgis and crown jewels to pay homage to the present day monarchy. We have included our selection of crown decorations which have ‘Westminster Abbey’ stitched on them in gold thread; perfect for any regal tree as we are the Coronation church. We have also included our beautiful Read more »

  4. A Vintage Themed Christmas

    One of our most popular Christmas themes this year has been vintage nostalgia which evokes a feeling of classic Christmases from days gone by. It makes the most of images and prints from the Victorian era and the early 20th century to bring to life an old fashioned feeling. For this Inside Story we have put together a selection of our favourite vintage decorations, food treats and wrapping accessories to help you put together your perfect vintage themed Christmas.

    Vintage Themed Tree

    Our favourite vintage Christmas decorations are the ones that are made from wood or metal as opposed to the plastic ones as they feel more traditional.  If you are planning a...

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  5. A Song for Our Christmas Windows

    Twelve Days of Christmas Window

    Following the success of last year’s Christmas advent window our team have worked hard to come up with another festive tradition to bring to life. The result of their hard work is our beautiful twelve days of Christmas display which spans the three main windows at the front of the shop. We have added our own twist to the classic Christmas carol by making the gifts some of our favourite products of this year. 

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