Monthly Archives: November 2016

  1. Stocking Filler Suggestions

    One of the best parts of Christmas shopping is buying stocking fillers. The rules that we follow for putting stockings together is that nothing should cost more than £10 and there should be a nice mix of fun and practical gifts and of course the classic satsuma. In that spirit, here are our top five ideas for stocking fillers with something for all the family. 

    1. Pocket and Handbag Accessories

    Whilst these accessories are often thought of as presents for ladies, like our collection of handbag mirrors, we think there...

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  2. Gifts for Kids

    Christmas can be overwhelming for children as there are so many presents to open and toys to play with. When buying a present for them it can be hard to know exactly what to get when there are so many different trends and technology available.   In our opinion, the best approach is to go back to basics and buy classic toys which have been loved for generations. For example, we have our range of beautiful plush cuddly toys including corgis and teddy bears which no child can resist with their soft fur and sweet faces. 

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  3. Gifts for Her

    When buying gifts for ladies there is a lot to choose from online, whether it is accessories, homewares or beauty gifts. However this can often mean it is hard to find something unique and unusual which you can be sure that they won’t already own. To help you in your search for the perfect ladies gift, we have compiled our unique present ideas here.

    One of the classic gifts to buy any lady is a scarf; with so many designs and ways to wear them, you can never have too many. Our silk scarf collection features ten different designs, all inspired by wonderful details from the interior of Westminster Abbey. Each scarf...

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  4. Gifts for Men

    When you type the word gifts into Google one of the top autocomplete suggestions is gifts for men. Every Christmas people have the same struggle to find the perfect present for the men in their lives (if not perfect then at least something they might use!).  To help with this problem we have compiled our ideas for the best gifts for men this year.


    Google Search Gifts

    When looking for men’s gifts the focus seems to be on buying something practical; however practicality should not mean that something cannot look appealing as well. As...

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