Monthly Archives: October 2016

  1. Westminster Abbey Collage Range

    Our Westminster Abbey Collage range has now pre launched exclusively online, so it seems the perfect opportunity to share the story behind this unique collection of products. The range is based on a specially commissioned painting by Rob Wilson, a mixed media artist based in the heart of the Peak District in England. 


    Westminster Abbey by Rob Wilson

    Rob Wilson studied graphic design and illustration at Bradford University and during his time there he developed a keen interest in textile art, which would later...

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  2. CD of the Month: The Feast of St Edward

    Our CD of the month for October is the Feast of St Edward, King and Confessor at Westminster Abbey, as this month marks Edwardtide and the celebration of The Translation of St Edward the Confessor. 

    Feast of St Edward CD

    St Edward is one of the two patron saints of Westminster Abbey, and as such we celebrate Edwardtide from 12th to the 18th October. During this time we celebrate the life of St Edward the Confessor, King of England 1042-1066 who was also the re-founder of Westminster Abbey. He was canonised in 1161 and on 13th...

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  3. The Founding of Westminster Abbey

    This is an important week for Westminster Abbey with two special celebrations taking place in honour of the Abbey’s great history. Yesterday marked the Translation of St. Edward the Confessor which celebrated the day, in 1163, that St Edward the Confessor’s body was moved or ‘translated’ to a Shrine in the Church he had built on this site in Westminster. On Sunday the Abbey will celebrate the Feast of Dedication marking the dedication of the present church in 1269; this feast will celebrate the church buildings as a house of God and a place of prayer. 

    Edward the Confessor Stained Glass...            </div>
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  4. Book of the Month

    Our book of the month for October is How to be a Brit by George Mikes. It is an insightful and hilarious book which takes the reader through a complete guide to the British way of life.

    George Mikes was born and educated in Hungary, living there for the first 28 years of his life before moving to London. He originally came to Britain expecting to only stay for two weeks; however he ended up staying here for the rest of his life. During his lifetime he worked at great British media institutions such as the BBC and The Observer newspaper, working in both the English and Hungarian languages. It is from this unique perspective, an outsider who then became completely immersed in British culture, that he wrote this wonderful...

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