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  1. Artistic Inspirations: A Q&A with Rah Rivers

    We have just launched our latest range, Floral Abbey, both online and in store this week. It is a beautiful range of ladies products featuring a design infused with a soft femininity and spirituality. The design draws inspiration from many elements within the Abbey, including the rose windows, the Litlyngton Missal, the High Altar Cross and the coronation crown. This design is based upon an oil painting by Devon artist Rah Rivers which we specially commissioned for this range. To celebrate the launch of this new range we have talked to the artist behind this piece to better understand her work and her inspirations. 


    Floral Abbey Products

    Your work...

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  2. Our Book of the Month: London Sketchbook

    Our book of the month for July is London Sketchbook: A City Observed, honouring this great city that so many people will flock to see this summer. In 2015 a record breaking 31.5 million people visited London, with 18.6 million coming from overseas and 12.9 million coming from within the UK. This book provides an excellent insight into why so many people come to see the sights that this city has to offer.

    London Sketchbook

    The book is comprised of beautiful sketches and watercolour pictures of London, drawn and painted by Graham Byfield....

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  3. Today marks the start of the ‘I Made It’ exhibition at Westminster Abbey; a chance for staff, volunteers and residents of the Abbey to display their creative talents, whatever they may be. This exhibition is not open to the public but is open for all members of the Abbey community to enjoy and provides a great opportunity for people to get to know one another a little better. It is incredible to see the variety of skills and crafts that people are so talented at, whether it is painting, photography, sculpture, jewellery making or baking. 


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  4. CD of the Month: Taverner Masses

    Our CD of the month for July is Taverner: Missa Mater Christi Sanctissima & Western Wynde Mass, the latest recording to be released by the Westminster Abbey Choir. The CD contains the two masses named above with the tracks relating to the different sections of the mass – Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei. Unlike many other recordings released by the Westminster Abbey Choir this one does not feature the organ and relies solely on the amazing voices of its thirty-strong choir conducted by James O’Donnell.

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  5. The Cosmati Pavement: A National Treasure

    As discussed in last week’s blog, the pavement has been subject to many restoration efforts over the centuries; the most notable ones took place in the 17th and 18th centuries, the Victorian era and in 2008.

    In the 17th century the repairs were spread out across the pavement and were done in such an obtrusive manner that it was easy to spot the areas that had been restored. It was not possible to source the porphyries to match the original stone work so restorers had to use the closest matches they could find. In the 19th century the repairs were undertaken by Sir George Gilbert Scott, Surveyor of the Fabric at the time. He repaired the east section of the pavement due to damage caused by...

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