Monthly Archives: June 2016

  1. The Cosmati Pavement: A National Treasure - Part One

    Westminster Abbey is full of many treasures that visitors from around the world flock to see, including oil paintings, elaborate architectural features and detailed wooden carvings. However none are quite as unique as the Cosmati pavement that sits in front of the Abbey’s High altar. It was laid down in 1268 as part of Henry III’s rebuilding of Westminster Abbey, using Italian marble workers commissioned by the Abbot of Westminster, Richard de Ware, who was visiting the Pope in Rome at the time. The pavement takes up an area of 7.5m² and is comprised of a Purbeck marble frame with the design made up of opaque glass, porphyries and coloured stones. 

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  2. A History of Father's Day

    Some people feel that Father’s Day does not have the same long standing tradition as Mother’s Day, and is somewhat commercial in its origins. This is not the case, however, as despite Father’s Day only gaining international prominence in the last hundred years it is thought by scholars that the celebration may go back to Babylonian times. 

    The day as we know it now, though, had its first celebration in the United States in 1908 shortly after the first time Mother’s Day was celebrated there. It took place in a town in West Virginia, where a recent local tragedy had occurred with 360 men dying in a mining accident leaving many families without a father. One member of the local church’s congregation decided that in light of this there was a need to have a day to also honour fathers.

    This did not take off on an international or even...

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  3. CD of the Month: For Queen and Country

    To coincide with the Queen’s official birthday this weekend, we have chosen For Queen and Country as our CD of the month.  This wonderful two disc edition contains a collection of music put together to celebrate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen. It includes performances from Russell Watson, Richard and Adam, Jonathan Antoine, Charlotte Jaconelli, The Band of the Royal Marines, The Choir of Trinity College Cambridge and many more. It is the perfect CD if you are planning to hold a party to celebrate with the Queen this summer, or just to celebrate this great nation.

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  4. Our Book of the Month: The Queen at 90

    11th June will mark Her Majesty the Queen’s official birthday; as such we have chosen The Queen at 90: A Royal Birthday Souvenir written by Gill Knappett as our book of the month. Our Queen has reigned over the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth for over sixty years, which means she has already reached the milestone of being Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. On 21st April 2016 she reached an important personal milestone by turning ninety.


    The Queen at 90 Front Cover

    This book aims to commemorate all of the Queen’s ninety years as a monarch and also as a wife, mother, grandmother and great...

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