Monthly Archives: May 2016

  1. From a Clock to a Watch

    One of the more interesting and unique exclusive products we have produced this year is our leather strap watch, based on the clock face of the North West Tower of Westminster Abbey.

    The West Towers of Westminster Abbey were the last major addition to the Abbey and were made around 500 years after Henry III first started construction of the building. 

    West Towers c1600s

    As you can see in the image above the west side of the Abbey looked quite unfinished before this addition was made in the 1700s; with the two towers being of unequal height and not reaching the top of the Nave roof. It was Christopher Wren who decided that they needed to be completed to ensure the Abbey looked at its most magnificent and so he wrote to the...

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  2. Inside Story Behind Our Beautiful Scarves

    As we have just recently added another silk scarf to our beautiful collection online, I thought it would be a timely opportunity to explain the fascinating process undertaken with Beckford Silk (Silk Printers & Dyers in Tewkesbury, England) to create these unique items.

    Silk Scarf Shop Display

    The Design Process

    The process starts in the same way that all of our bespoke items are developed: we identify which of the Abbey’s iconic features we would like to use to create an authentic product (or range of products) that reflects a visitor’s experience of the Abbey. Our Product Developer and Head of Retail work together to seek inspiration within the building, looking for...

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  3. CD of the Month: Trinity Sunday at Westminster Abbey

     Our CD of the month for May is Trinity Sunday at Westminster Abbey, which we have chosen as Trinity Sunday itself is on the 22nd of this month. The CD provides an example of the music that one might hear if they attend the Abbey this Trinity Sunday, with the wonderful voices of the choir of Westminster Abbey (conducted by James O’Donnell) alongside the magnificent organ perfectly played by Robert Quinney. All these elements combine with the fantastic acoustics that the Abbey provides to culminate in a spectacular presentation of choral music, as is the case with all the choir’s recordings.


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  4. Our Book of the Month: Tea Fit for a Queen

    This May we have chosen Tea Fit for a Queen as our book of the month. It seems very appropriate given the Queen’s recent 90th birthday and upcoming official birthday to celebrate a book devoted to the traditions of a royal afternoon tea. The book contains over 40 delicious recipes, for anything from finger sandwiches and cakes to cocktails.

    Tea Fit for a Queen Book

    Alongside these wonderful recipes are many beautifully shot...

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