Monthly Archives: April 2016

  1. Top Tips to Keep Your Jewellery Shining

    We stock a wide range of jewellery both online and in store, and so we know the importance of proper jewellery care to keep your items looking as bright and sparkly as the day you purchased them. Across our jewellery range we have pieces that are silver plated, gold plated and made from sterling silver. Some items are set with a range of semi-precious stones, enamel and freshwater pearls which also need to be cared for correctly. 

    Most people are aware of the way that silver can tarnish over time and can become almost completely black in colour as it reacts with the air around it. This is caused by the other metals which make up the alloy of sterling silver; it is essential to mix the pure silver with other metals as it is...

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  2. Memorialising William Shakespeare

    23rd April 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. To mark this great occasion, a group of leading organisations have come together to create a series of events to commemorate his life and work alongside the literary legacy he has left behind.

    Shakespeare has been commemorated in Westminster Abbey since 1741, when a memorial was erected for him in Poet’s Corner. Like many of the memorials that exist in Poet’s Corner, Shakespeare is only memorialised and not buried within the Abbey; he is instead buried in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford upon Avon. It is often asked why a memorial would be erected in the church when there is no grave to mark: in the case of Poet’s Corner it is about creating a place to honour the impact that these writers have had on the literary tradition and their...

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  3. Our Queen at 90: A Celebration

    On Thursday 21st April, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating her 90th birthday. Over her 90 years she has led a life filled with experiences and changes that her many predecessors could not have even begun to imagine. With the changing nature of technology the world has become a much smaller place, and so the Queen has become a beloved figure to many people beyond the nations she serves as Head of State and Head of the Commonwealth.

    Westminster Abbey has been privileged to be a part of some momentous moments within the Her Majesty’s 90 years including both her wedding ceremony and her coronation ceremony. The Queen was married on 20 November 1947 to Prince Philip of Greece at Westminster Abbey, five years before she ascended to the throne. She was the tenth royal bride to be married at Westminster Abbey.

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  4. National Gardening Week

    Next week will be National Gardening Week, which will run from Monday 11th April to Sunday 17th April. It was launched by the Royal Horticultural Society five years ago and has become the UK’s largest celebration of gardening. During the week thousands of people, gardens, charities, retailers and heritage organisations get involved across the country to celebrate everything to do with the great British garden.

    Westminster Abbey has its own beautiful gardens with a long history to celebrate. There are three original gardens within the Abbey: the Cloister Garth, the Little Cloister Garden and College Garden. The Cloister Garth is a square of turf sitting in the middle of the cloisters which would have been used as somewhere for the monks to rest their minds whilst they took a meditative walk. The Little Cloister Garden would have been set aside for...

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  5. Inspiring a New Range of China

    Every few years we design and produce a new range of china that takes its inspiration from the Abbey. This year it was decided that the design should reflect the spiritual and religious side of Westminster Abbey alongside its ties to the crown.

    After much searching, it was decided that using the design of the censing angels in the south transept would be the most appropriate way to symbolise the Christian purpose of the building and the people within it. Censing angels have the job of taking the messages and prayers of those on Earth up to God in the heavens; one of the key roles of any church. The angels in the south transept appear below the south rose window and are thought to date from circa 1255. They are seen as some of the best examples of medieval carvings and would originally have been painted in luxurious colours. Some of the original colour on the angels was...

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